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Jim Hightower addresses the crowd at the Fighting Bob (LaFollette) Fest in Barabou, WI,  on Sept. 12, 2009.

Greg Palast talks about some of his investigations.
Fighting Bob (1855-1925) is seen left of the stage.

More photos from the 2005 D.C. March:

Note:  If  members of the progressives have photos (including better versions of some that are here) of these and other events we have participated in, please consider sending them to Maryion or Mary.

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Elizabeth Edwards in Flint during the 2004 election campaign.

Michigan's top Democratic candidates in 2006:  Granholm, Williams, Sabaugh, and Stabenow. 

Rally and picnic at Democratic Headquarters in Flint, Sept. 8, 2006

Progressive Caucus members have a history of working hard in support of
Democratic candidates, and have traveled near and far to events which promote health care for all, peace, fair elections, and much more.

Holiday celebration in December, 2006, at Latina's Restaurant.

Who would paint "the Rock" in broad daylight?    An artistic Progressive, of course.

The most recent "The Rock" caper

Mary H. got to have ice cream with Granny D. at a conference in Ohio in October, 2006.
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